Brian Fudge

San Diego, CA
bfudge [at] bfudge [dot] com


I'm an engineer, a manager, a mentor, and an entrepreneur. I love the challenge of taking a vague idea and working with others to turn it into something real and magical. I'm passionate about what I build and the people I work with.

I have built products in areas including ASIC, FPGA, Embedded, Mobile, Desktop, Enterprise, Web, and Cloud. I have deep knowledge in many current and emerging areas including video codecs, big data, signal processing, information security, FinTech, SDKs, APIs, and scalable infrastructure.

I've led large teams for large companies and small teams for small companies. I've also built my own companies and been a technical co-founder for others. I'm a graduate of the business school of real world experience.

Over the past 10 years I've been running a software development consultancy that has grown into a full service agency. I've helped early and mid-stage startups succeed at creating and enhancing their products by combining enterprise style project management, quality controls, and infrastructure with agile methodologies, top developers, and a commitment to seeing things through.


Technical Expertise


Work History

Code Brilliant LLCSan Diego CA, Owner/Principal, February 2007 - present

Code Brilliant started when I decided to take the leap and venture out onto my own: to realize my own ideas, to risk my own capital, and to validate uncertain ideas with other entrepreneurs. It has grown from a one man consultancy into a full-service agency with offerings ranging from early-stage startup advice, custom web and mobile software development, product and project management, and ongoing service and support.

Code Brilliant is different from other agencies in three ways:

  1. We fullly engage with your ideas. Yes, we help you to focus on the essentials; we also hold space and encourage you to dream big. This helps us plan and build better products together.
  2. We are built on relationships and referrals. We would rather have you as a long term partner than a short gig. We recognize that domain knowledge takes time to aquire and time to grant to others.
  3. We're in the trenches with you. Our focus is on early and middle stage startups. One of our principals might be on a flight to meet your new business partner in New York or Berlin. Another principal may have deployed the last minute changes you requested just before your big pitch.

Technology is in constant flux and we keep on top of it. We can reverse engineer your legacy LAMP or J2EE stack application and maintain and update it. We can keep your CloudFormation stack running and up to date on AWS. We can interface with your legacy systems and processes. And we can create new projects using the latest technologies: React-Redux, Node, React-Native, Docker, Objective-C, Swift, Android, Python, MongoDB, and more.

NewAer, IncLos Angeles, CA, Tech Lead, October 2012 - August 2016

At NewAer I developed a proximity framework that allowed peer-to-peer discovery and communication. It worked cross-platform: iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, and Linux. It used a combination of Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi technologies.

I also built mobile and desktop apps to demonstrate the capabilities. I acted as developer advocate during hackathons and as technical sales support during customer meetings.

DCS eMAP Corp (now Bitvore)Los Angeles, CA, CTO, May 2009 - August 2011

Created unique visualization for legal e-Discovery, corporate compliance, and intelligence community needs.

DivX, IncSan Diego, CA, Engineering Lead, May 2002 - February 2007

I joined DivX as the first engineer for the consumer electronics group. This group was responsible for licensing the brand to DVD players, set top boxes, and TVs.

I led teams that built the SDKs, the certification systems, and the support infrastructure to ensure compatible encoders and decoders. My responsibilities included technical visits to partner sites domestic and abroad.

Qualcomm, Inc. San Diego, CA, Senior Engineer, May 1997 - July 2001

At Qualcomm I was on the team that built the first video decompression ASIC that could output to a digital cinema projector in high definition. As part of this work I also created an imperceptible fingerprinting system to identify the source of content despite camera recording, resizing, and cropping.

In addition to developing key logic blocks in VHDL, I was given many of the essential back-end tasks. I wrote the bit-accurate simulation of the decoder that was used for verifying the chip logic on an FPGA and in the simulator. The chip taped out correctly on the first try.

Patents and Certifications


UCSD, San Diego, CAMaster of Engineering, March 2002

Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CAB.S. Engineering, May 1998